CBIA Seeks Two Year Extension for Subdivision Maps

Keeping projects afloat and subdivision maps alive is a top 2011 legislative priority for the Riverside BIA's state affiliate, the California Building Industry Association.  CBIA is sponsoring AB 208 by Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes (D-Sylmar) which would statutorily extend tentative subdivision and parcel maps for an additional 24 months.

The measure builds on the previous 24-month map extension approved by the Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger in 2009 (AB 333 – Fuentes), as well as SB 1185 (A. Lowenthal), a 12-month extension approved in 2008.  Both measures were approved in the hope that the housing economy would rebound.  Unfortunately, state unemployment sits at more than 12%, the state’s housing starts are near all-time lows and the forecast for 2011 housing starts only shows modest improvement.  

AB 208 is key to keeping projects on-line as housing markets slowly recover.

As introduced, AB 208 has a bi-partisan list of early co-authors, including Assembly Member Nathan Fletcher (R-San Diego), Assembly Member Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), Assembly Member Roger Hernandez (D- West Covina), Assembly Member Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), Assembly Member and Chair of the Assembly Local Government Committee, Cameron Smyth (R-Santa Clarita), Assembly Member Nora Campos (D-San Jose), as well as Senator Alex Padilla (D-San Fernando Valley).

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2010 is Second-lowest Year on Record for Homebuilding in California

The latest data from CBIA and the Construction Industry Research Board shows California homebuilders put up the second-lowest number of homes for a single year in 2010, posting a modest improvement over the record-low that was set in 2009.

CBIA said just 44,601 permits were issued statewide last year for new homes, apartments, condominiums and townhomes, up 23% from 2009, but down 31% from 2008, which had held the distinction of the second-lowest total on record with 64,962 permits issued. Records began being kept in 1954 with the lowest yearly total set in 2009 with 36,421 permits issued. 

In Riverside County, the difference between single-family and multi-family permits was vast.

A total of 3,887 single-family permits were pulled in 2010, up 5% from 2009, and up 2% from 2008. However, permits for multi-family homes totaled 538 in 2010, down 29% from 2009 and down a whopping 74% from 2008. 

View the permit table

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Riverside County Building Permits Rise in August

More good news this Friday!

The Construction Industry Research Board and CBIA are reporting that the number of pulled housing permits were up in August versus the same time last year.  Our own Mark Knorringa was quoted in today's North County Times in their piece about the permit trend.

We're also hearing anecdotal stories from a few members that traffic at model homes is picking up. More on that later.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Read the full North County Times article

Read the CBIA press release

Download the CIRB statistics

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CARB Takes Up Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets

A few weeks ago we told you about a great victory at a Southern California Association of Governments meeting when rationality won out over intense political pressure from environmental extremists.

That was when the SCAG board agreed that emission reduction targets proposed by the California Air Resources Board were unrealistic and potentially harmful to our region's struggling economy. SCAG voted to reject the proposed targets of 8% for 2020 and 13% for 2035 and instead recommended emission reduction targets at 6% for 2020 and 8% for 2035.

Well, CARB will be taking up the issue at a public hearing tomorrow in Sacramento.

Please read CBIA CEO Liz Snow's op-ed in today's Sacramento Bee on why CARB is on a very destructive path with this issue.  Let's hope level heads prevail!

Read the op-ed

Watch the live meeting webcast, starting at 9 am

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Study Shows Housing Industry’s Economic Output Down 80% Since 2005

Photo credit: sibhusky2Well, we knew it was coming.  An updated version of The Economic Benefits of Housing report released today by the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF) in conjunction with the Center for Strategic Economic Research (CSER), confirms that the housing industry’s economic output has fallen approximately 80 percent since 2005, representing a loss of tens of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs to the state’s economy. 

The report details the role the housing industry plays in the economic health of California and was conducted as the fourth update to a report first commissioned in 2003. CSER analyzed construction and market data from around the state and quantified the impact of California’s construction sector to the state’s economy. The report is a finalized version of a preliminary analysis released in February of this year. 

Read the CBIA Press Release

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Read the full report

Help Us Oppose AB 2776!

AB 2776 is a bill that would place onerous and costly restrictions on voluntary water transfers, undermining long-established water rights by impairing agricultural to municipal use water transfers of greater than 20 years.

Although current state law supports voluntary water transfers that protect existing water uses and the environment, AB 2776 would limit such transfers even if the buyer, seller, local water supply agency and California Department of Water Resources agree that the transfers would be beneficial to the state! With increasing regulatory restrictions on traditional water supplies, homebuilders are reliant upon voluntary water transfers to meet the state's population growth.

Please join our effort to defeat this bill by sending a letter to members of the California Senate's Appropriations Committee asking them to oppose this bill!

Send your letter now through CBIA's grassroots program

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