Action Alert: Urge Boxer & Feinstein to Pass H.R. 6191

President Obama recently signed into law the Small Business Lending Fund Act of 2010. Unfortunately, this new lending program will not address the small business lending crisis facing the home building industry.

The new small business lending fund specifically excludes home construction loans to small builders from the eligible pool of lending in the new fund!

Fortunately, a stand-alone bill, H.R. 6191, has been introduced by Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) to fix the construction loan omission. The bill passed the House of Representatives yesterday and now goes to the Senate for a vote.

This is a very important issue for many homebuilders! Lack of housing production credit is preventing builders from meeting the emerging demand for new homes and, for many, endangering their ability to survive the economic downturn!

Please call or email Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and ask them to support H.R. 6191! 

Sen. Feinstein's DC number is (202) 224-3841. Her local office number for Riverside County is (619) 231-9712 . Or you can email her.

Sen. Boxer's DC number is (202) 224-3553. Her local Riverside office number is (951) 684-4849. Or you can email her

Please call or email today!! And after you speak with their offices, let NAHB government affairs department know how they responded

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Help Us Oppose AB 2776!

AB 2776 is a bill that would place onerous and costly restrictions on voluntary water transfers, undermining long-established water rights by impairing agricultural to municipal use water transfers of greater than 20 years.

Although current state law supports voluntary water transfers that protect existing water uses and the environment, AB 2776 would limit such transfers even if the buyer, seller, local water supply agency and California Department of Water Resources agree that the transfers would be beneficial to the state! With increasing regulatory restrictions on traditional water supplies, homebuilders are reliant upon voluntary water transfers to meet the state's population growth.

Please join our effort to defeat this bill by sending a letter to members of the California Senate's Appropriations Committee asking them to oppose this bill!

Send your letter now through CBIA's grassroots program

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