Subdivision & Parcel Map Extension Bill Moves Through First Hearing

A bill that would help protect nearly 2,500 existing tentative tract maps and parcel maps is making the rounds in Sacramento.

Authored by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes (Appropriations Chair), AB 208 would statutorily extend tentative subdivision and parcel maps for an additional 24 months. The bill moved quickly through the Local Government Committee earlier this week on consent and with full bi-partisan support.

Assemblyman Fuentes continues to be a stalwart supporter of the home building industry as demonstrated by his authoring of AB 333 in 2009, and again this year with AB 208.

AB 208 will now be heard in the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development on April 6.

CBIA Seeks Two Year Extension for Subdivision Maps

Keeping projects afloat and subdivision maps alive is a top 2011 legislative priority for the Riverside BIA's state affiliate, the California Building Industry Association.  CBIA is sponsoring AB 208 by Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes (D-Sylmar) which would statutorily extend tentative subdivision and parcel maps for an additional 24 months.

The measure builds on the previous 24-month map extension approved by the Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger in 2009 (AB 333 – Fuentes), as well as SB 1185 (A. Lowenthal), a 12-month extension approved in 2008.  Both measures were approved in the hope that the housing economy would rebound.  Unfortunately, state unemployment sits at more than 12%, the state’s housing starts are near all-time lows and the forecast for 2011 housing starts only shows modest improvement.  

AB 208 is key to keeping projects on-line as housing markets slowly recover.

As introduced, AB 208 has a bi-partisan list of early co-authors, including Assembly Member Nathan Fletcher (R-San Diego), Assembly Member Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), Assembly Member Roger Hernandez (D- West Covina), Assembly Member Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), Assembly Member and Chair of the Assembly Local Government Committee, Cameron Smyth (R-Santa Clarita), Assembly Member Nora Campos (D-San Jose), as well as Senator Alex Padilla (D-San Fernando Valley).

Photo credit: Flickr user millicent_bystander