Dear BIA Members & Associates,

As many of you know over the course of Dan Boyd’s leadership as President of BIA Riverside County, we began an internship relationship with CalBaptist University.  Internships in today’s job market are more valuable than they have ever been and those students seeking internships tend to be the stand out students of their class.

Recently I met with Francois Jacobs, Associate Professor in the College of Engineering and Director of CBU’s School of Construction Management.  The program we are working on is twofold:


Un-Paid: A component of the CBU curriculum for students at the Sophomore/Junior level will require school of construction management students to seek a mentorship which will generally consist of job site and workplace shadowing as well as ongoing Q & A with the member.  The time factor involved to mentor a student is minimal, roughly 10 hours total over the course of a semester.  CBU is making it a priority to assess the professional maturity level of the individual students in order to insure their program readiness.  Beginning in January there will be 2 – 4 students that will enroll in the course curriculum for Mentorship.


Paid: Internships will require more time and investment on the part of the student as well as the member mentoring the student.  The educational experience expected should be substantive and include the basics of a Mentorship as mentioned above but at a much higher level.  These students will be expected to be intellectually advanced and the internship will be a major last step component as Junior/Senior level students are preparing to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Internships should be a well-rounded educational experience that will of course vary according to where the internship will be.  Internship students will not be available at CBU until the summer.

If you are interested in participating in the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM and/or at a later time offering an INTERNSHIP.  Please respond as soon as possible stating the level of your interest and I will be in touch.  Thank you all for your consideration in enriching the lives of students geared towards an exciting career in our industry.

Nathan A. Miller, Director of Government Affairs

C:   (951) 505-2594

P:   (951) 781-7310

F:   (951) 781-0509


Fall New Home Showcase Extended

The Fall New Home Showcase has proved so popular with potential homebuyers that it has been extended through October 31.

Co-sponsored by the Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC) and the Greater Sales and Marketing Council (GSMC), the Showcase promotion is spearheaded by 18 leading homebuilders whose 53-plus new-home developments are currently selling in Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino and North San Diego counties.

The builders are partnering with a variety of partners such as Bloomingdale’s, Lowe’s, Edison, the Gas Company, Sub-Zero®, Wolf®, and Zillow, to name a few, to host a series of special events highlighting the latest and best of new technology, interior design trends, energy efficiency, outdoor living and more.

The Showcase began September 15 and was originally scheduled to end on October 15, but high interest led promoters to extend it another two weeks.

View Upcoming Showcase Events

View Participating Developments

Visit the Showcase Facebook Page

Builders See Repeal of Onerous Form 1099 Reporting Requirements

Our colleagues at our national affiliate, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), are always working hard on our members' behalf at the federal level. Here's more evidence from NAHB's Nation's Building News:

April 18, 2011 - President Obama on April 14 signed legislation supported by NAHB to repeal a burdensome tax paperwork requirement that could have cost small businesses thousands of dollars each year.

"During the past several months, NAHB led the effort along with other industry groups to strike all new expanded IRS Form 1099 reporting requirements for small businesses and owners of rental real estate," said NAHB Chairman Bob Nielsen.

"In testimony before Congress and in 'key vote' letters to House and Senate leaders, we spelled out how failing to overturn these rules would have killed jobs and placed a major paperwork and cost burden on home builders," Nielsen said.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act approved last year, starting in 2012 businesses would have had to file an IRS Form 1099 for each vendor from whom they purchased more than $600 in goods over the course of the year.

With the annual $600 threshold applicable to all vendors, businesses could have found themselves sending out 1099 forms for such mundane purchases as coffee, fuel and office supplies.

Rather than hiring additional workers to expand and grow, small businesses would have been spending money on accountants and bookkeepers in order to meet these new requirements.

On April 5, the Senate by a vote of 87 to 12 passed the Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act of 2011 (H.R. 4), legislation previously approved by the House.

In addition to repealing expanded 1099 requirements in the healthcare law, H.R. 4 also repealed an unfair provision in the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 requiring independent landlords starting this year to submit 1099s to firms to which they give more than $600 for services.

Going forward, businesses will still have to comply with long-standing reporting requirements for the purchases of services.

To read the bill, click here and enter H.R. 4 in the box at the upper center of the page.

For more information, email J.P. Delmore, or call him at 800-368-5242 x8412.

Photo credit: Flickr user Frank Kehren

BIA: Saving You Even MORE Money!

NAHB has a new affinity partnership with Lowes for Pros, which will save all of our Riverside BIA members money!

Do we have your attention?

Earn a 2% discount on purchases made with your Lowe’s Accounts Receivable when you confirm your Riverside BIA membership on This is a limited time offer and all purchases must be made before 12/7/11.

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Riverside BIA Awarded Chapter of the Year & EO of the Year Honors

For the third time in four years, Riverside BIA has been named the BIA of Southern California’s Chapter of the Year

This is a very high honor, and we are proud of our exceptional Board, members and staff for making this incredible feat possible!

BIA of Southern California CEO Rich Lambros cited many reasons why Riverside BIA stood out from the pack this year, particularly highlighting the following:

  • Desert Region—Riverside BIA assumed control of all of BIA operations in the former Desert Chapter’s coverage area this year.  We’ve met continually with members, elected officials and staff of all cities in the region to help smooth the transition.  We are exploring new alliances and ways to offer added value to member in the Desert region.
  • Government Affairs—Riverside BIA has been tenacious in obtaining fee reductions and deferrals.  In fact, though June 30, 2010, savings from fee reductions totaled more than $13.5 million!  We waged a successful campaign to defeat the New Water Demand Offset Fee (NWDOF) of $3,280 in the Rancho California Water District.  And ALL of the 16 school districts in western Riverside County that updated their School Facility Needs Analysis so far in 2010 reduced their fees!
  • Membership—Our membership has remained strong in 2010.  Through June, our net primary membership had increased 9.8%.  Our May membership drive was enormously successful with 17 new members added in two days.  And in the Desert Region, we’ve worked to rebuild and renew memberships.

What’s more, our illustrious CEO, Mark Knorringa, was named Executive Officer of the Year!

Lambros recognized Knorringa for his outstanding leadership during a tumultuous year for both the industry and the association.   In particular, Knorringa was honored for his leadership of the Chapter’s tremendous Government Affairs program and the takeover of the Desert Region’s advocacy, membership and sign programs.

Lambros also noted the Riverside Chapter’s continually successful programs and events and said that Riverside was the only one of the BIA of Southern California’s five chapters with a net membership gain this year!

Again, we must thank our imaginative and supportive Board for its visionary leadership, as well as our hundreds of member volunteers and staff who work so hard throughout the year on behalf of the association and the industry!

Thank you!!

Photo Credit: Applied Photography