President's Message | June 2014

Chapter President, Jay Pierce of JD Pierce Company

In our continuing effort to serve the members of the Riverside Chapter, we would like to announce some new hires and I would like to report on some significant accomplishments for this quarter.

First, Margaret Lukman has joined us as our new Membership Services Manager. She will be the new face of the Riverside BIA when you call our chapter.  She joins us from California State Legislator, Assemblyman Eric Linder's office.  She has replaced Jennifer Hernandez, who left for a position at William Lyon Homes.  We wish Jennifer good luck in her new position and welcome Margaret who has already demonstrated her abilities in her new position.

In our efforts to continue to encourage our young people, we have hired an intern to assist in the governmental affairs group.  Marisol Carillo is her name, and she is a student at Cal State Fullerton.  She will be assisting Bill Blankenship and Nathan Miller with our governmental relations issues.  Welcome aboard to our two new employees!

Speaking of governmental affairs, I have to call out the excellent work accomplished recently by Bill Blankenship and Nathan Miller.  The Val Verde Unified School District had recently proposed a school fee that would have been the highest in the county and by our analysis unwarranted under current legislation.  Ultimately, Bill and Nathan were able to get a vote from the school board to deny the fee and with the principled stand they took, they have earned the respect of the board.  This will undoubtedly assist in future negotiations with the Val Verde staff and other districts as we continue to monitor all of the districts in our county.

Early in the month of May we held a membership drive and I am pleased to report that it was a resounding success.  We signed up 41 new members.  Congratulations to John Tanner of RBF who chairs the membership committee and his team.  Following the drive we held our Membership Appreciation Event at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium.  This event showcases our newest members at the BIA.  On a personal note, my son Nicholas was charged with throwing out the first ball for the game that evening.  It was a great night with BIA members, hot dogs, beer and baseball.

This event and others we have this year are great ways for you to connect with other members of the association.  Let's have some fun this year and while we do you can be sure that your BIA team will represent your interests in the important matters and issues that affect our industry.