Membership Spotlight | April 2014

The Riverside Chapter is proud to spotlight our Membership Services Committee (MSC) for the awesome work they do for the Association, the Chapter and for the Members.  This dedicated group of 16 volunteers remain passionate about recruiting new members to BIA, as well as retaining existing members through reach out and Ambassador calls.  Many of the MSC members have been involved for a number of years and have maintained an impressive amount of enthusiasm through good times, as well as the recent tougher times.  In 2013, the Riverside Chapter recruited 58 new members, which contributed to a 17% increase association-wide, now totaling 1,033 members.  Nineteen (19) of these new members were recruited by the MSC during the Fall membership drive.  In addition, 2013 saw a retention rate of 86% in the Riverside Chapter.  This is in large part due to the MSC’s great effort.  With 2014 already looking to be more successful than 2013 we are excited about the committee’s energy and enthusiasm.  Join us in applauding this group of hardworking volunteers! 

CLICK HERE to see our Membership Service Committee and how you can get involve yourself!