Government Affairs Update | Feb 2014

2014 Challenges and Opportunities

2014 unfolds as a year of promise and opportunity.  While our industry is still far from real recovery, the role we have served in the Greater Inland Empire and Coachella Valley region as an economic stimulus and major jobs provider has begun to stabilize the region financially.  It is a time where entities that seek to incentivize local development have and will continue to benefit from the partnerships that are being established here.

In the midst of this is the reality that because of the long hard recession coupled with many hard policy choices made in Sacramento, local governments have had very limited access to resources and many if not all have had to tighten their belts. This brings us a challenge as many local governments look to ANY signs hinting at recovery as an advanced opportunity to prepare for ways to improve revenue generation.  The danger here being that hasty fee increases can quickly stifle economic growth and hurt our industry as well as themselves in the process.

The BIA watch list is growing but as we utilize our relationships with local government to develop mutually beneficial policies, we have already experienced success.  Most recently the City of Menifee enacted a 30 day moratorium on hillside development that didn’t take into account approved development in the area already in place.  BIA Riverside County successfully defeated an attempt to extend the moratorium.  In the City of Wildomar when they first presented the BIA with their DIF study they initially intended to increase their DIF to roughly $11,000.  After over a year of ongoing discussions and BIA engagement we successfully negotiated a much lower fee amount of $6,946.51 saving the industry over $4000 in additional fees.

The BIA is currently engaged with the County of Riverside as they prepare to bring a revised DIF Study and Staff Report to the Board.  While we anticipate that the new DIF will be lower than the current one in place, there are several improper components in it that the BIA has addressed as discussions are ongoing.

Riverside County BIA will continue to update you on School Fees, DIFs and other matters as they pertain to our industry.  If you have any questions or wish to learn more about any particular issue, please do not hesitate to contact Nathan Miller, BIA Riverside County - Director of Government Affairs at or (951) 505-2594.