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Night Owl Bay


If you are looking for a partner that will find marketing solutions to help you meet your goals, or your wanting to move your organization forward in this digital age but not sure how to do all this, or maybe you’re wanting to find ways to make your organization stand out from the competition, then Night Owl Bay may be able to help.  We aren’t your typical Interactive Agency.  Below are a few of the things we do.


Our Services


  • What this means to you: We uncover the facts and figures that help us understand you better.
  • What we do: Comparitive Analysis, Audience Research, Content Inventories, User Interviews and Keyword Research


  • What this means to you: We use insight, method and inspiration to set a project's path.
  • What we do: Information Architecture, Site Map, Audience Personas, User Experience Outlines


  • What this means to you: We consider every detail to help craft an experience worth sharing.
  • What we do: Wireframes, Functional Prototypes, Stylescapes, Mockups, Data Structure, Application Design


  • What this means to you: We apply our skill to create smart, simple and effective tools.
  • What we do: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Server-side Programming, Performance Testing 


  • What this means to you: We add energy, experience and influence to start your project right.
  • What we do: Site Marketing, Publishing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Digital Branding Strategy and SEO