Community Works Design Group

Looking for the same-ol, same-ol in your Landscape Architectural design firm?  Then don’t look here.  Looking for creativity in the design of your next project?  Then you have found the right firm. 

 Creativity begins in the work place.  If you have not created a great and fun place to work then you are already behind the leaders.  The Community Works Design Group office is a former Art Studio located in historic downtown Riverside.  We have created a great environment for fun and creative thinking…..and not only thinking but doing.

We have a 25’ swing and a 10’ spiral slide inside of our two story office studio in addition to 15’ sculptural kinetic art pieces and lots more “fun stuff”! Our studio flooring is “play mats”….how cool is that!  We have a very Green/LEED building with all natural lighting, huge indoor living trees courtesy of Mother Nature, via massive north facing windows and four 6’x6’ skylights.


So the real question is this….Who do you think can provide you the most creative designs for your next project?  The answer should be very clear…. Community Works Design Group. 

As our name implies….We “Design Communities That Work”!

Contact your creative team leaders: (And try out our slide…it’s fast and fun!)

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