May 8th Home 3.0 Builder Panel Highlights


The Home Building Market shows strong signs of recovery and the economy is picking up.  Our May 8th event “Home 3.0 Innovating Trends to Meet the Modern Homeowner” builder panel resonated the same sentiment.  Robert Kronenfeld of KB Home, Mark Torres of Lennar, Peter Altuchow of Pardee Homes provided valuable insights as to how builders are marketing homes in today’s environment.  The emphasis was how to meet homeowners’ lifestyle, such as Lennar’s NextGen homes “a home within a home”.  KB Home “Net-Zero” homes emphasis consumers’ demand for green product, energy efficiency and overall savings toward their American Dream.  Peter Altuchow put it best, “Success is a series of failures.” 

The past five years have not only provided builders, but our industry invaluable lessons.  As we recover and gain positive momentum we will all need to “stand strong” says Kronenfeld, builders and trades alike to help the Home Building Industry fully recover.  Greg Tsujimoto, a manager of John Burns Real Estate Consulting and member of the BIA Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) presented a key piece of information on how the Recession of 2008 and our economic downturn will affect the Gen Y.  How it will delay their ability to purchase a home.  For more information check out Greg’s Blog.   


Robert Kronenfeld-KB Home, Mark Torres-Lennar, Peter Altuchow-Pardee Homes; our builder panelist.BIA would like to thank our panelist for their participation and to all attendees for your support of the event at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium.  It was a great night of networking and extremely informative.  We hope to see you at our upcoming May 30thMembership Appreciation Night” which will be help at BIA Riverside house.  Come enjoy at our house and learn what BIA has to offer.  It’s our way of saying thank you.  Event is FREE to BIA members.  Planning on attending BIS (Building Industry Show) in October?  We will be running a special promotional discount for BIS at the event.


Check out our Photo Gallery of the event courtesy of Applied Photography.