President's Message: May 2013

As many of you already know, not only has there been job creation recently within our industry, but also there has been continuous improvement in the housing market.  This improvement is due to the fact that inventories have dropped while land buying has begun to increase again. With this taking place there is some exciting news to share, is that your BIA has begun to shift into high gear again. With that said we would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our local jurisdictions for their continued support. As they have been tremendous in understanding the importance of fee reductions which were needed to sustain our businesses during the worst of times.

However, not only has our industry been affected or changed because of the recent economy, but cities and counties as well. For they themselves have been hit with low staffing hours and decreased work weeks. As a result of this we are all now at their front doors with our plan submittals in hand. That is why the Riverside BIA has been busier than ever attempting to curtail a lot of the “knee jerk” decisions that will not only add grief, but cost us too. I would like to take the time to thank our staff at the BIA for the tremendous job they have been doing in their work throughout the Riverside and Imperial Counties, for they have been keeping close tabs on local government Staff Reports. At the BIA, we make it our priority and are committed to staying on top of the issues.

At the BIA t is our continued goal to strive for an increase in our entire membership. Your membership is not only valued to the BIA, but it is greatly appreciated. It is because of your dues, that we are enabled to provide the best representation and coverage we can throughout our region. As we slowly begin to transition our way back into a sustainable recovery keep in mind that by being a member of the BIA you are not only just invited to the countless events we put on, but that you are also allowing our great team to do what we do best, which is watching over the litany of potential adverse actions that can and will affect our businesses!

With that said, on behalf of the BIA I would like to personally invite you and your company to an upcoming event. Membership Appreciation Night (MAN) will be happening on May 30th at our BIA Riverside house. Not only is this event our way of saying thank you, but it also will allow you to explore what the benefits of having a BIA membership can offer you. At the event, you or your company will be able to mix and mingle with fellow members. Also, you will learn about our committees and how you can join one. Take advantage of the promotional discount we will be offering for BIS that night. This event will be free to BIA members.

Tommy Thompson, Former Government Affairs DirectorLastly, I am sad to report, yet excited, that we are saying “Good Bye” to one of our most treasured team members of with over six-years with our chapter….. Tommy Thompson. He has announced he is accepting a new challenge and is leaving us here at BIA. He and his family will be relocating to Orange County to embark upon a great opportunity with the South Coast Apartment Association! There is not enough room in our Newsletter to state what Tommy’s dedication has accomplished for our members. While his shoes will be hard to fill, we have some exciting prospects on the horizon. We as well as you will not miss a beat.

I've had the pleasure of meeting many professionals in our industry as President of the Riverside Chapter and serving on the BIASC’s Governing Board. However, having the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable, Tommy Thompson, I can tell you in very short words that my experience at BIA has never been so rewarding. With that said, good luck my friend.  You will be missed, don’t forget about us and bless you and your family for what will truly be an exciting adventure for you all.

Dan Boyd
D.R. Horton 

BIA Riverside County Chapter President