President's Message | December 2013

As I depart, I can say without hesitation that my tenure as Riverside’s BIA Chapter 2013 President marks the highlight of my 35 years in this business.  Every emotion that I have has been filled with my love for this industry. Having worked hand in hand with our Board and BIA Team led by Bill Blankenship has simply been a whirlwind of experiences, filled with opportunities, challenges and tremendous accomplishments giving me a whole new level of respect for BIA and all of the folks that make our organization so great!

As many of you know I am a person that takes pride in leadership.  Leading by example is just the materialization of your commitment, more importantly you need to draw from the depths of your passion. I believe if people believe in your vision they will follow your leadership. It is this vision that I hope is my legacy and I truly recognize that the accomplishments are not mine alone, but shared by those who believed in my leadership, supported me when I was challenged and guided as well as encouraged me when I was entering a dark path.  Your devotion has been marked by your endless hours of service given to BIA .

I am not one to look back but rather, I look forward knowing we all have a tremendous and committed team that will make any path we choose successful. I am truly blessed to have been trusted with this stewardship and I can’t wait to lend my support to our new incoming President Jay Pierce as immediate past president and the fantastic line up that is our 2014 Board.

I too look forward to accepting the honor as the 2014 incoming President for BIA of Southern California.  I promise that I will do my level best to help build upon an already solid foundation and will continue to share my passion with all of our Chapter’s serving to accomplish our goals and meet our challenges in 2014. 

This is not a “one person” show, this is a stage bursting with talent and experience.  I am ever so proud to continue my growth in an industry that I have been so fortunate to part of…..God Bless all of my friends and associates of BIA this Holiday Season.  Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.