Dear BIA Members & Associates,

As many of you know over the course of Dan Boyd’s leadership as President of BIA Riverside County, we began an internship relationship with CalBaptist University.  Internships in today’s job market are more valuable than they have ever been and those students seeking internships tend to be the stand out students of their class.

Recently I met with Francois Jacobs, Associate Professor in the College of Engineering and Director of CBU’s School of Construction Management.  The program we are working on is twofold:


Un-Paid: A component of the CBU curriculum for students at the Sophomore/Junior level will require school of construction management students to seek a mentorship which will generally consist of job site and workplace shadowing as well as ongoing Q & A with the member.  The time factor involved to mentor a student is minimal, roughly 10 hours total over the course of a semester.  CBU is making it a priority to assess the professional maturity level of the individual students in order to insure their program readiness.  Beginning in January there will be 2 – 4 students that will enroll in the course curriculum for Mentorship.


Paid: Internships will require more time and investment on the part of the student as well as the member mentoring the student.  The educational experience expected should be substantive and include the basics of a Mentorship as mentioned above but at a much higher level.  These students will be expected to be intellectually advanced and the internship will be a major last step component as Junior/Senior level students are preparing to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Internships should be a well-rounded educational experience that will of course vary according to where the internship will be.  Internship students will not be available at CBU until the summer.

If you are interested in participating in the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM and/or at a later time offering an INTERNSHIP.  Please respond as soon as possible stating the level of your interest and I will be in touch.  Thank you all for your consideration in enriching the lives of students geared towards an exciting career in our industry.

Nathan A. Miller, Director of Government Affairs

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