CARB Takes Up Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets

A few weeks ago we told you about a great victory at a Southern California Association of Governments meeting when rationality won out over intense political pressure from environmental extremists.

That was when the SCAG board agreed that emission reduction targets proposed by the California Air Resources Board were unrealistic and potentially harmful to our region's struggling economy. SCAG voted to reject the proposed targets of 8% for 2020 and 13% for 2035 and instead recommended emission reduction targets at 6% for 2020 and 8% for 2035.

Well, CARB will be taking up the issue at a public hearing tomorrow in Sacramento.

Please read CBIA CEO Liz Snow's op-ed in today's Sacramento Bee on why CARB is on a very destructive path with this issue.  Let's hope level heads prevail!

Read the op-ed

Watch the live meeting webcast, starting at 9 am

Photo Credit: Slices of Light