Community Works Design Group

4649 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, CA 92506

Phone: (951) 369-0700
Fax: (951) 369-4039

Community Works Design Group draws from the knowledge of over twenty years of broad, regional experience with a variety of public and private projects including community and regional parks, recreation facilities, streetscape programs, planned community developments, model homes, and commercial and institutional developments.

We have the experience and capabilities that will produce creative and functional design solutions.

We have built our reputation on timely completion of our contractual obligations and our ability to meet our clients' needs and project schedules. Our staff and resources are such that we are able to meet the project schedules established by the client.

Our services in the past have stressed the development of precise, thorough, and accurate documents. We feel this policy is important in the development of our projects in order to meet the client's goals, requirements and schedules.

Community Works Design Group has several advantages to offer to our clients as we have noted below:

  • Service unmatched by any to develop a strong, enduring client base.
  • Development of creative design solutions based on past experience.
  • Eager and dedicated to provide continued support to the client.
  • Principal involvement throughout project design and construction.