President's Message | JAN 2019

2019 Chapter President, Mike Taylor-Division President of Pardee Homes

2019 Chapter President, Mike Taylor-Division President of Pardee Homes

It is truly an honor the be named your 2019 BIA President. Being a part of this industry gives us the unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of generations of families. While most of us focus on building and selling homes, this Industry is so much more than that. Along with the thousands of new homes we build each year, this industry builds countless schools, parks and recreations centers, shopping centers, restaurants, and office buildings and warehouses.

Often overlooked by so many people, our industry designs and constructs the public infrastructure necessary to support all these projects. We spend millions of dollars each year, mostly long before the first homes are ever constructed, on Roads, Sewer and Water Systems and all the utilities. Many of these systems now include the latest technologies in renewable energy.

What is so amazing about everything we do, is the number of different jobs and skills required to complete all these projects. The list is quite impressive and includes everything from Builders and Developers, to Biologists and Carpentry professionals, and so many more. It is no wonder why the building industry will always be a leading economic driver in our economy. This year, I’m sure each of us has experienced labor shortages in our businesses. No matter where you turn, there just doesn’t seem to be enough people to get the job done.

A decade ago, many people, not all by choice, left our industry and moved on to other careers. Today, when you hear college or high school graduates talk about the types of careers they are looking for, many fail to mention all of opportunities our industry presents. It is up to each of us to let these young individuals know about all these great career opportunities and tell them why we love what we do. Let me tell you my five reasons why I love this industry:

The People - I believe you must enjoy working with people to be successful. It would be dishonest to say that always goes smoothly, but relationships and daily interactions are a huge part of the experience that allow you to connect with people, in ways you don’t get to in many other careers.

No Two Days or Deals are Ever the Same - If you ever dreaded the five days a week, nine to five job, sitting behind a desk doing the same thing day after day, then the Building Industry is the place for you. Each day will bring you a new challenge, a new problem to solve; the next deal to close. If you like variety, you will fall in love with this business.

The Thrill of the Chase - While we often convince ourselves that we hate chasing the same deal everyone else is chasing, we also know that chasing that next deal is the life blood of our business. So, what do we do? We strategize, we calculate, we analyze, we negotiate. The next thing you know, you got the deal! Now it’s time to prove it up, get it approved at land committee, close that deal, and find a way make those numbers work! Admit it, we love this!

The Highs are Amazing - While the lows of our business can be painful at times, the highs are exhilarating. Opening those new communities just in a nick of time, waiting for those phone calls… “We got the grading permit”; “We got our final inspection”; and “Final home for the QTR just closed”. Watching the first homeowners move into a new neighborhood, driving through a new neighborhood and seeing the holiday decorations placed on a new house for the first time. It’s really a special feeling.

Because We Care - They say, if you do something you love, you’ll never really work a day in your life. We’ll, that’s not exactly true, but I can tell you this - It will feel different. Even though we build homes and communities for other people, it will always feel partly like it’s yours. You’ll go back from time to time and tell someone with pride - This is my project! You’ll appreciate it in a way that is different than almost any other job you could possibly have. Here’s looking forward to an exciting 2019.


Mike Taylor
Chapter President