President's Message | April 2019



Spring is a time of renewal and opportunity. Renewal can be seen in the buzz of activity taking place throughout our industry, and opportunity while not always easy to act upon, has presented itself in the form of a housing crisis. The housing crisis has reached such proportions that it has become one of the Governor’s key issues which he is looking to address this year. As such the Governor has designated over $750 million dollars in the budget to address this issue, with a goal of building 500,000 homes a year over the next seven years. With all this attention surrounding housing, there is a great amount of opportunity to be realized, particularly in the fact that our industry will be tasked with building these new homes.

However, there continues to be a disconnect in government, where each legislative body seems to act within a silo. For example, on any given day, you can open a newspaper and read an article about the housing crisis impacting our state, with most people agreeing that the shortage of available housing stock and the lack of affordability is a problem. However, even with the housing crisis taking up a great deal of ink in the local papers, many local governments seem to believe that the crisis we’re facing is the result of somebody else’s actions, certainly not their own. This is evident in the fact that jurisdictions throughout the region continue to propose fee increases at an alarming rate.

Currently our Government Affairs Team is fighting nearly a dozen fee fights on your behalf. As things currently stand, fees range from $45,000 - $90,000 per door, depending on where a project is being built and the combined jurisdictional fees imposed on new development. Each new fee, or updated fee that a jurisdiction brings forward, makes projects that are already on the edge of viability, that much more difficult to bring to market and that much harder for us as an industry to help address the housing crisis.

One of the things that makes this organization so great, is the fact that we have a team of dedicated individuals fighting on behalf of all of us to keep fees to a minimum, enabling us to do what we do best – build homes for families. Our advocacy efforts are fueled by the power of membership, and as such I wanted to remind you of the importance of the upcoming 2019 May Membership Drive. We have over one thousand dollars in Member Incentive for new members joining in May, this will basically cover your first year of membership dues. If you know of a company that is not already a BIASC member we encourage you to recommend them to join. Our association can only strengthen with numbers.

Aside from advocacy, there are tons of benefits to becoming a member. Some of these include member only access to be involved with industry councils, networking opportunities at industry events, and the opportunity to join with the best and brightest in the Industry. Our members include builders, subcontractors, remodelers, designers, architects, engineers and many more. So, if you haven’t joined, now is the perfect time to do so, because together we are stronger.

I hope to see you out and about networking at our upcoming events. On May 22nd, our Riverside County Insight Desert Luncheon will be featuring 4th District Riverside County Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. Join us on May 23rd at the Riverside Convension Center for our co hosted event, BIA/ULI State of Housing event. You will hear from Mark Vitner-Wells Fargo Economist, Al Zelinka-City Manager of Riverside, and more speakers to be announced.

Here’s looking forward to an exciting Spring!

Mike Taylor - Chapter President