Legislative Update | Oct 4 LAC

George Johnson, Riverside County CEO

George Johnson, Riverside County CEO

On October 4th, newly appointed Riverside County CEO George Johnson spoke to a packed house at the BIA’s Fall Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) Luncheon. The luncheon took place at the Riverside Convention Center and was co-sponsored by Riverside Public Utilities. Johnson, a seasoned veteran with over 25 years’ experience in working with the County of Riverside, took the audience on a comprehensive tour of all things County related. 

Johnson discussed the population increases in the county, pointing out the explosion in growth which has jumped from a population of 1.1 million in 1991 to more than 2.4 million residents today. Extrapolating from these numbers, Johnson articulated that Riverside County will be second only to Los Angeles in terms of population over the course of the next 20 years. He proceeded to highlight some of the difficulties facing the County, such as an increase in homelessness, education, and the substantial number of residents working outside of the county. Johnson then went on to share efforts currently being undertaken by the county to address these issues. This includes partnering with the Building Industry to streamline the development process; working closely with the business community to encourage growth; and joining with educators to push students to attain higher levels of education. The end goal of these efforts is to create an environment where a highly educated workforce can find a home at a reasonable price, and not have to commute outside the county to put their skills to work.

The presentation was well received by the audience who engaged with Johnson during the Q&A session on several items of interest.


The BIA would like to thank George Johnson for coming to address the luncheon, and to thank our luncheon co-sponsor Riverside Public Utilities.

Our next LAC luncheon will be taking place on December 1st, where we will be hearing from Diane Harkey, Chairwoman of the California Board of Equalization.