President's Message | Nov 2018

Riverside Chapter President, Chris Edgar-Division President of PulteGroup and wife, Amy

Riverside Chapter President, Chris Edgar-Division President of PulteGroup and wife, Amy

It has been a remarkable year and a privilege to serve as your BIA Chapter President.  I am proud of the many accomplishments that we have made in 2018 but most impressed with the strength and unity of our organization and the prospects for our future.  Our chapter is extremely fortunate to have such a strong leader in Mike Taylor to take the helm this coming year and I am excited for what he and the team will accomplish.  

There were numerous political challenges this year and our BIA was once again successful advocating on our behalf.  A couple notable wins include a reduction of a proposed water fee increase with a significant water district and a major deferral of a user fee increase in a high building permit City.  And on the school district front we successfully persuaded two different districts on one hand not to pursue a Level 2 school fee and on the other deferred the implementation of a significant fee increase.  Also, worth mentioning is our reach into the Coachella Valley, where we worked hard to reduce a proposed TUMF fee by nearly $5,000 per home.  While there have been many more victories these are just a few examples demonstrating the important role the BIA plays advocating for our industry.  Without these actions several building projects may be delayed or never come out of the ground at all.  This as you know impacts all of us.

It was a great year for programs.  The economic forecast kicked off the year and was hugely successful with increased year over year attendance by nearly 150 with a total attendance of 600 people.  The Golf Tournaments hit a new milestone in 2018 with the Spring and Fall Tournaments completely oversold.  And we should be proud of the inroads we are making in the Coachella Valley hosting five events with over 70% of the attendees coming from within the valley and one event sold out to capacity.  Throughout the year we continued to expand our membership and pleased to report that we added 45 new members which is the highest amongst any chapter.

I think we all know these accomplishments would not be possible without the all-star team that our chapter has assembled making it happen each day.  The team lead by our Chapter CEO Bill Blankenship has been firing on all cylinders.  Thank you all for your continued dedication and hard work to make our chapter successful. You are all amazing people and we are lucky to have you on our team.

In addition to the Chapter staff, I would also like to thank the Board of Directors, our various committees and volunteers for their service and dedication.  This group of individuals devotes a significant amount of their time and energy, without compensation, to help make our chapter and industry strong.  We thank you and appreciate your generosity in time and financial support to ensure we have the resources required to drive a meaningful impact.

I would also like to thank my PulteGroup family for their unwavering support once again this year.  And despite the numerous challenges and the headwinds that we face in this business my Pulte team continues to amaze me in overcoming obstacles.  I am so proud of what we have accomplished together over the last four years.  You are an incredible team and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with you. 

And finally, I would like to thank my beautiful wife, Amy, for her understanding of the late nights and early mornings so I could fulfill both my Pulte and Chapter commitments.  She is a great role model for our daughters reminding us of the importance of being kind and compassionate.  Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.

I would like to leave you with a similar message that I began my term with.   Let us always be mindful of the lessons of the past and what we experienced over the last down cycle.  And let’s not lose perspective on some of our earlier mistakes.  As we enjoy these better times, even considering the current market wobble we are feeling, let’s look beyond our own individual accomplishments and celebrate the strength of our industry.  Let’s remember how we got here and how we are all tied together as one big family.  And yes, like all families sometimes we are dysfunctional, sometimes we disappoint but without a doubt our success is dependent on our unity.  Together as an industry group, as a united voice, as a family, we are strong.   Thank you for a great year and god bless.


Chris Edgar - Chapter President