LOT Bowling Tournament | Feb 16th

On February 16th, builders and their clients answered the call for HELP and joined the BIA LOT Team at Pins 'N Pockets. All who arrived matched off and set forth to bowl and fight for the “Perfect Game”. They showed off their allegiance in their Comic Heroes & Villains costume and battle with the goal of winning the Team Spirit Trophy and cash prize. 

Shouts, kicks, and strikes were heard as the battled continued leading to a final showed down between Louisiana Pacific and West Coast Drywall but ultimately the victor was West Coast Drywall!

Standing proud and tall, the winner of the Team Spirit award went to WestCoast Drywall team!

With a few scratch the Powerball Raffle winnings went to Mark Farrell, American Landscape & Maintenance. Lady luck took him for a spin. 

Thank you to all the attendees, and event sponsors. The LOT team appreciates all your continued support and effort in making this event popular and eventful. 

Thank you to our event sposnors!