Workforce Instruction for Standards and Efficiency Forum


Come join Builders, Product Manufacturers and Consultants as we discuss high performance walls and attics in relation to complying with the 2016 Energy Standards.

Why should you attend?

  1. For the first time hear the California Energy Division’s vision for the 2019 standard updates.  Will there be more stringent attic standards?  What is the future of the PV Credit?
  2. See products and methodologies that can be used to comply with the 2016 standards and beyond
  3. Have your questions answered by experts and the Energy Commission staff so your company is best prepared to succeed in this next code cycles.

When is the Forum?

July 13, 2016, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

UC Riverside Extension Room E

1200 University Ave, Riverside, CA

Please RSVP to:

For questions please call: John Morton 949-413-7927


 8:30       Introductions – CBIA/CHF – Bob Raymer

 8:40       Welcome Remarks and Update on Code – John Morton


9:00        Johns Manville Solutions for High Performance Walls in California – Johns Manville

9:20        The Future of Stucco – UStucco

9:40        HP+ advanced wall systems for 2016 and beyond– BASF

10:00     A New Option for Window Installation – ., Thermalbuck

10:20     High Performance Walls using Spray Polyurethane Foam – Covestro

10:40     Insulated Roof Tiles – EternaTile

11:00     Utility Programs and Incentives - TRC

11:20     lunch

12:00     Educating the Workforce through WISE – John Morton, ConSol


 12:30    High Performance Attics Installation Experience – TruTeam  

 12:50    Unvented Attics - Things You should know…..– Icynene

 1:10       High Performance Conditioned Attic – Owens Corning

 1:30       Above Deck Insulation – Gary Smith, Wedge-It

 1:50       Advanced Framing Wall Systems and Insulated Windows and Door Headers – APA

 2:10       HPA/HPW Solutions with Spray Foam – SWD Urethane

 2:30       Roof Decking Incorporating Insulation – RMax

 2:50       SIPS Panels as a Whole Home Solution - Premier


 3:10       Q&A – ConSol

 3:30       Wrap-up