President's Award 2016 | Erica Harnik

The President Award is hand selected by our current Chapter President, Leonard Miller. He recounted, "As I have reflected on my time as your President and all that we accomplished together as a BIA…. I wanted to select an individual for the 2016 President’s Award who exemplifies what is great about the Riverside County Building Industry Association."  

In May two of BIA Riverside's employees left to go pickup lunch for our many volunteers who were participating in the Annual Membership Drive and as they were approaching the 91 Freeway exit from the I-215 overpass, staff member Erica Harnik spotted a woman sitting on the ledge of the overpass ready to jump. Erica yelled to Staff Assistant, Danielle to stop the car and before Danielle could come to a complete stop Erica was out of the car and running across both lanes of traffic to save the women. She without hesitation grabbed the women in a bear hug from behind pulling her from the ledge of the overpass. Because of Erica’s quick response and her selfless action the women is alive.    

In her short time with BIA Riverside as the Coachella Valley Representative, Erica has exemplify leadership in her community. Congratulation to this year’s recipient of the 2016 President’s Award, Erika Harnik.