Leadership in Government Affairs Award 2016 | Ruttan & Tucker

From time to time the Riverside County Building Industry Association will present the “Outstanding Leadership in Governmental Affairs Award” to an individual or a Company that has made a tremendous contribution in this area. Over the years this award has been given to key staff members and elected officials at the municipal level or Association Members who have assisted your Governmental Affairs Team in an extra ordinary way.

This year’s recipient has not only been a partner with the “Chapter Team” but has also played a key role in assisting the California Building Industry Association in keeping our state school districts from triggering a level III School Fee. As you all know that would stifle the industries’ ability to build market rate housing in Riverside County. In addition, this recipient has worked closely for the past four years at a Chapter level, advocating against overreaching government policies and aggressive fee mitigation measures.  

In the past two years this recipient has been the one partner that your Governmental Affairs Team has turned to when the San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital District passed an illegal mitigation fee in an attempt to make the industry pay to construct additional hospital beds and with the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District who hopes to charge the industry for future cemetery expansion, as well as several local water districts who were attempting to implement large connection fee increases and in some instances even moratoriums. BIA would like to recognize, and congratulate Ruttan & Tucker for the 2016 Outstanding Leadership in Governmental Affairs Award. Emily Webb from Ruttan & Tucker accepted the award on behalf of Ruttan & Tucker.