Melia Homes | Job Opportunity-Project Accountant


Title:  Project Accountant/AP

Reports To:  Controller

Manages:  Payment System

Meetings:  Daily interaction with Accounting Manager

Reports Produced:  Job Cost Reports and Checks

Goal Statement:  To effectively and efficiently maintain the accounting functions for their respective projects.  This is to be accomplished by processing complete payment packages including insurance requirements in a timely manner, follow up with all discrepancies with proper diligence, maintain all established payment and reporting schedules including daily updates of the cash report, maintain and review project budgets and provide management with pertinent information when required.


Administrative Responsibilities

•    Work with sub-contractors to ascertain proper supporting documentation. (i.e.- proper lien releases, correct invoices and adequate insurance)

•    Work with Insurance broker to determine the adequacy of insurance maintained by sub-contractors.

•    Work with in-house staff including, purchasing, project managers, HR and Sales & Marketing personnel, to enforce proper approval requirements.

•    Maintain the filing system to ensure for the safety and efficient retrieve of a payment and accounting documents.

Financial Accounting Responsibilities

•    Process all invoices for payment on a timely basis. 

•    Assist with all monthly closing procedures.

•    Ensure that all transactions are recorded.

•    Prepare and record journal entries when required.    

•    Reconcile bank & loan statements

•    Assist in preparing loan draws

Cash Management Responsibilities

•    Manage day to day cash balances for their respective projects.

•    Suggest solutions to cash needs.

Year End Responsibilities

•    Assist in the preparation of Year End 1099’s including securing all W9 information, reconciling reportable income amounts and the printing and mailing of the 1099 documents.

The Project Accountant may also be asked to assist with:

Budgeting Responsibilities

•    Review of job cost budgets and suggest correcting entries when necessary.

•    Ensure that budgets get input into Timberline (supplied by CFO and other departments)

•    Ensure that all budget revisions are recorded.

Management Reports

•    Provide department heads useful reports as required.

•    Job cost reports for project manager and Director of Sales & Marketing monthly.

•    Summary of monthly General Conditions, Marketing & Supervision to Department Heads.


•    Must have 5 years’ experience in the homebuilding and/or construction industry

•    Must have adequate MS Excel skills which include creation and design of spreadsheets, development of formulas and maintenance of shared spreadsheets

•    Must have experience with a sophisticated homebuilding/construction accounting software package (not QuickBooks).  Previous Timberline experience will be given special consideration.

•    Must have thorough knowledge of California lien and lien release requirements


Please email your resume & a cover letter with brief description of why you think you're the best fit for the position to Jennifer Covington, HR Manager |