Government Affairs Update | Dec 2015

Riverside BIA

Proposed JCSD Fee Increase:  Last week, leaders from the Riverside BIA were successful in convincing the Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) Board of Directors, on a vote of 3-2, to delay action on their connection fee and new water supply fee for a period of 75 days.  The additional time will allow your BIA Team and our technical consultants to work with the JCSD General Manager, District Staff and their fee consultant to address (what seems like at first glance) the flawed assumptions that exist in their nexus study.   We are hopeful that the end result will be legally justified fee that the Industry will pay for their future water and sewer connections.  

Water:  It appears as though California will experience El Niño as predicted.  Weather sources are indeed optimistic that we will have enduring precipitation and that will bring some much needed relief. This comes at a time when the state is actually considering easing water restriction on those who live in hotter climates. Recognizing that Californians living in hotter parts of the state use more water, regulators may ease the cutback targets it imposed on Inland water agencies in response to the drought. The Press Enterprise reported that “state water officials proposed new water saving rules that would give a break to providers in California’s warmer regions and those that need to serve more homes and businesses because of recent population growth. These rules would allow many communities to use as much as 4 percent more water while still meeting Gov. Jerry Brown’s conservation requirements. Officials with the Eastern Municipal Water District, Riverside County’s largest supplier, praised the proposals from State Water Resources Control Board staff members.”  Click here for complete story.

The vast majority of water districts are currently in Stage 4 of conservation measures and others are in Stage 3, the weather conditions of the upcoming months will not affect that. Offsets for water usage are still on our radar. We are participating in a working group to stop the introduction of any policy of offsets.