Government Affairs Update | November 2015

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Proposed JCSD Fee Increase:  No official date has been set for a hearing on the subject of the proposed Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) fee increase. There are rumors that this will come before the JCSD Board in mid-December. Discussions of offsets have also been put forward by JCSD staff. We are still waiting on the nexus study to be shared with BIA. We remain in constant communication with both JCSD staff and Board Members. We would like any members doing work in JCSD's jurisdiction, particularly those with projects in Jurupa Valley, to reach out to the Jurupa Valley City Council as well as JCSD to voice their concerns over the proposed fee increase. Ideally we would like to have Jurupa Valley City Council share their concerns over the proposed fee increase with JCSD.

November election 2015 update:  The majority of candidates supported by the BIA won their seats in the November election cycle. We are proud of our long term relationships with industry friendly elected officials and are always on the lookout for new growth friendly candidates.

Water:  The vast majority of water districts are currently in Stage 4 of conservation measures and others are in Stage 3. As it has been previously states, front lawns and non-functional lawns are a thing of past. Offsets for water usage are starting to appear on our radar. We are participating in a working group to stop the introduction of any policy of offsets.

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital District:  We continue to monitor the San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital District (SGMHD) and their illegal attempts to implement development impact fees. We are prepared to take any and all necessary action to ensure that this District does not vote in favor of an impact fee and that no other agency implements or enforces this illegal fee.