David Taussig & Associates

David Taussig & Associates, Inc. (DTA) is a national public finance and urban economics consulting firm with offices in Newport Beach, Riverside, San Francisco, and Fresno, California, as well as in Dallas, Texas. Since our establishment in 1985, we have specialized in financing public infrastructure, facilities and services for public agencies and private sector clients throughout the United States.

DTA has provided public finance consulting services to over 2,500 public and private sector clients, and has utilized a variety of public financing mechanisms such as Community Facilities Districts (CFDs), Assessment Districts, Special Service Areas, Local Improvement Districts, Certificates of Participation, Tax Allocation Bonds, Sewer and Water Revenue Bonds, Marks-Roos Bond Pools, Landscaping and Lighting Districts, Integrated Financing Districts and various types of regional and benefit-area-based fee programs. Our firm is also heavily involved in implementing Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) financing programs to fund energy-related improvements to new and existing development. 

Our experience in the formation of over 1,500 special districts and funding programs over the past 25 years, with bond authorizations exceeding $50 billion, has given us a perspective and level of skill that is unmatched in our industry.  It has also enabled our firm to leverage SmartMuni.com, our proprietary cloud-based special district administration software, to empower our clients by granting them access to real-time information on their special districts from any computer.

DTA has also assisted clients in obtaining funds through numerous programs promulgated under the authority of various state and federal agencies. As a result of this work, our clients have been awarded dozens of state and federal grants and loans, as well as proceeds from various Tax Credit Programs.  In addition, DTA has prepared hundreds of fiscal impact reports and economic impact analyses related to land development plans and projects, as well as fee justification studies to determine impact fee levels to fund infrastructure and public improvements. Finally, DTA has assisted public agencies and property owners in negotiating development agreements related to infrastructure financing issues, and our engineering staff has assisted dozens of clients by providing construction management support related to compliance with various public bidding and prevailing wage regulations.