President's Message | October 2014

BIA RC President - Jay Pierce of JD Pierce Co

BIA RC President - Jay Pierce of JD Pierce Co


I am honored to serve as BIA Riverside County’s Board President for another term and I am thankful that you would have me do so.  Our recent Installation was as usual another successful event.  We have had an amazingly productive year thus far.  We are entering the last quarter for 2014 and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outstanding involved efforts of our Board heading in to the home stretch.  This has certainly been a challenging year for our industry as it has been since the recession bottomed out, yet out of this adversity our Staff has continued to rise to the occasion.

Who We Are: We remain influential in Membership and an organization standard bearer that leads by example in member retention and new member recruitment.  Making people feel welcome, being accessible, providing quality services…these are not just good ideas, they are obligatory practices in any industry and it’s what keeps people coming back.  There it is, I guess the secret to our success is not so secret. I know I speak for this Board and our staff when I say that I am grateful for your membership and unified effort to protect the Building Industry’s interests while having a good time doing it!

Why We Do It: In a quintessential free market, goods and services are exchanged for mutual benefit and Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” is the ultimate regulator.  Be that as it may, we live in a Democratic Republic where the regulatory authority of the bureaucracy has rapidly expanded.  From crunching data to budget expansion, it continuously seeks to feed and propagate.  As long as the economy and good fortune grows with it all can be well however the watchful eye of our Government Affairs team must stay eternally vigilant.  Our market place, supply and demand, can often be abstract and unseen to the powers that be and assumptions can be made that place our industry and the well-being of its own citizens in jeopardy.  Our industry products yield local revenue that builds schools, roads, trails, park and public service facilities.  These are things that local entities want and things that improve the market for our products.  From being overcharged to zero-tolerance/no-growth attitudes, our Government Affairs team is on the front lines building relationships with local elected and their staff using an olive branch but will fight the good fight if need be and this has proved invaluable for our industry where great growth opportunities meet unreasonable resistance.

We Play Hard: Our events are second to none. Don't miss our annual BIS (Building Industry Show) next month at Riverside Convention Center on November 5th and 6th.  Golf, Wine, Poker and so much more! From our Board Retreat to our Annual Installation renewing our Officers’ commitment to you, our members and our efforts to expand positive responsible growth throughout the Greater Inland Empire region, we put on quite a show.  No one person can make these events successful and our host of volunteers within our member ranks put in a tremendous amount of time and energy to create an unbelievable atmosphere and every year seems to get better than the last.  Your membership, partnership and PAC contributions make all of these things possible.  We build communities, we strive to be good stewards of community resources and we celebrate our success appropriately.  When we ask you to renew, don’t hesitate and spread the word amongst your associates and if you are asked to Partner, be bold in recognizing the numerous layers of value to your business and this industry it will play.  I extend a HUGE thank you to all of our Members and Partners.

Our Board Retreat is right around the corner and I am incredibly eager to work with each and every one of you as we plan and prepare for another great year at the BIA.  Let’s roll!


-President Jay Pierce