As a Board of Director’s we have pledged to engage, participate and network between ourselves, the industry, the communities in which we serve and most importantly with our membership, at a  level higher than in previous years.   Our Board Members are dedicated professionals within their respective businesses and the talents that they harness are priceless!  One of our major Goals this past year was to unleash these talents and to bolster our ability to further serve our members at the BIA.

There is no better example of this success than to recognize one of our Board members that not only committed to this charge, but delivered results that far exceeded our expectations. With years of expertise, Joel Morse unselfishly dedicated a huge amount of hours to advocate a critical issue known as FAIRSCORE for our industry and to the benefit of our membership.

Simply stated, FAIRSCORE would determine how the County of Riverside would regulate the processing of environmental impact reports for the future.  Joel’s efforts not only embodied President Dan Boyd’s vision for increased Board member participation but succeeded to reach an outcome that will benefit not just our membership and industry; Joel also provided service to the county of Riverside with what will be a longstanding, valuable process for all moving forward.

Congratulations to this year’s President’s Award recipient, Joel Morse of T & B Planning!