President's Message | June 2015




Greetings Members & Associates,

We’re half way there!  The first day of summer has come and gone but the scorching heat is apparently here to stay, we are gearing up to celebrate our nation’s independence from tyranny and I have no doubt Bill’s BBQ is already in full swing.

We have much to be grateful for. As an industry and in our roles on the Board the message that we keep getting back is that we aren’t paying enough fees, that our water access is in jeopardy and around every corner there seems to be another issue hibernating and preparing to rear its ugly head.  There is enough bad news out there to keep us busy for two lifetimes, but there are lots of good things that we need to stop and be thankful for starting with the fact that we are still here.  Many of our friends and allies in this industry succumbed to the devastating recession that we are still struggling to recover from.  We made it through, for some by the skin of their teeth but they did it.  While we lose some of our battles with entities that have their heads stuck in spreadsheets and legal documents trying to justify higher fees, we win a lot of the times, I would even say most of the time.  About 3/5th of school fees are at the mandatory minimum Level I and several went down this year.  A bellwether fee proposal in Palm Desert on new development to subsidize low income housing was soundly rejected by the Council.  Water districts throughout the County took their fingers off the panic button in spite of the Governor’s inequitable mandate of water conservation on Southern California and we are still building (sans front lawns of course).  Things of course could always be better, but they could be much worse.

We recently pushed through our Membership Drive and once again, we out recruited all other chapters and as a result our program has now become the model and a standard bearer example to all other chapters and the recruiting continues.   Our Chapter has never been stronger, our events have never been better and our relationships with leaders throughout the County that are in positions to impact our industry have never been greater.  We are one association BIASC-wide, but it’s with a sense of pride that I get to say I’m President of BIA Riverside County.

While they are still in full bloom, let’s all stop and smell the roses as we build this summer, celebrate our freedom and spend time with our loved ones.  It’s why we do what we do.  Thank you everyone for your continued support and efforts for our Chapter, this Association and the industry.


Jay Pierce, President
Building Industry Association of Southern California
Riverside County Chapter