EMWD Drought Tolerant Landscaping Mandates

EMWD Standards and Implementation of Drought Tolerant Landscaping Mandates

As was communicated following our recent meeting with EMWD & TLMA Staff, EMWD has drafted two documents, one directed at builders containing details regarding how their new standards and guidelines on landscaping will affect new development and the other for builders to give to new home buyers as a tool at the discretion of the builder to give a new homebuyer that is expecting a front lawn an option perhaps to consider a drought tolerant landscaping plan in the front yard given the cost differential and the impacts having a lawn may have on them in the future should the drought situation get worse and new restrictions get placed on homeowners by local water districts.  Hopefully this helps.

Additionally, as discussed there was a hard date of July 6th given for close of escrow to occur by that date in order for a new homeowner to have a front lawn and be given a higher level water budget allocation.  After that date the district will continue to make an exception only for new homes that were purchased prior to May 8, 2015, however those home purchasers will be required to sign a document from EMWD that acknowledges their understanding that they will be charged a higher rate for the water that they use to water their landscapes in advance of the districts commitment to provide water to their home.

Contact Nathan Miller, Director of Government Affairs should you have any questions.