Builder Tailgate | May 21st

The Builder Tailgate and Building Bridges Competition on May 21st, at Lennar’s Corona Pointe parking lot brought out over 360 participants. The Tailgate consisted of 63 exhibitor booths showcased by Associate Members of the BIA. The Carnival games were sponsored by David Neault Associates, Equity Management, iMortgage, and Leighton & Associates. Various Builders attended and participated in the Tailgate. All attendees enjoyed lunch by Tommy’s Burger who was sponsored by LSA Associates and Precast Innovations. Members really brought out their wild side and decorated their booths in a safari theme. The winner of the best decorated safari themed booth was Michael Baker International/ RBF Consulting.

The highlight of the day was the Building Bridges Competition. In this fun and exciting contest each bridge was put to the test to see how much weight it could hold. The competitors for the competition were; Geocon, Hall & Foreman Division of David Evans and Associates, MeterNet Sub-Metering, and NUVIS. Each company built their ultimate bridge out of only toothpicks and glue that was provided by the BIA. The theme of the bridges was mocked after bridges of America. The crowd anticipated the amount of weights added individually to each bridge until the bridge caved in and broke.  As the weights were added and numerous attempts after the hardware holding the weights broke under pressure the Bridge Winner held over 400 pounds. The bridge could have held more weight but there weren’t enough weights to continue the contest. Congratulations to the winner of the Building Bridges Competition MeterNet Sub-Metering.

All in all associates and builders got together for a fun and easy networking event that renewed and developed new relationships that expanded their business opportunities. 

Thank you to all of our Event Sponsors who helped put on this amazing event!!

  • Southern California Edison- Energy Efficiency Education Partner
  • Applied Photography
  • Fusion Sign and Design  
  • LSA Associates    
  • Precast Innovations

Carnival Game Sponsors:

  • David Neault Associates
  • Equity Management
  • iMortgage
  • Leighton and Associates

Building Bridges Competitors: 

  • Geocon    
  • Hall & Foreman, Division of David Evans and Associates    
  • MeterNet Sub-Metering