Government Affairs Update-February

Priorities through the 1st Quarter of 2015

The Chapter Governmental Affairs Team Continues to work with the County of Riverside and the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency on their pending adoption of their nexus studies.   The Governmental Affairs team will also continue to monitor the Cities of Lake Elsinore, San Jacinto, Menifee, Murrieta and Beaumont as they are all in varying points with the preparation of their DIF Studies.  In addition, the Team continues working with the City of Beaumont with the review of their user fees study and the Jurupa Unified School District with the review of their School Facilities Need Analysis Study.  The Chapter has accelerated its focus on the local school districts SFNA Studies, as the industry looks towards the inevitable triggering of a level III school fee in 2015.   As our State continues to be plagued by a serious drought the Chapter continues to closely monitor and advocate with each of the water districts as they adopt their various conservation plans.   The continued goal is that jurisdictions implement fees and policies that do not impair the Industries ability to recover in 2015.    

Continue the growth of the Chapter’s Internship and Mentoring Programs with the School of Construction Management, Cal Baptist University.

Membership Retention and recruitment continues to be a focus for the fourth quarter of 2014. The Membership Committee Chairman and the Committee continue to execute their plan to meet and exceed the goal of 80% retention of our existing Association Members and another 20% growth of new members.

Increase the Associations visibility and positive perception in the Coachella Valley Region.

Revitalizing and Expanding the Chapter’s Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Committee.

Identify and reach out to Supervisorial Appointment Candidates. While there is much speculation as to who might be chosen to fill the post, Brown has demonstrated considerable independence in his recent Governing venture.

 In anticipation of a proposal to increase the local Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF) we are reaching out to WRCOG Executive Committee members in effort to minimize if not prevent it from increasing.

Riverside County Development Impact Fee Finalized

The Chapter Governmental Affairs Team for two years has worked with Riverside County to validate their DIF Study.   In the interim the County Board of Supervisors has continued to maintain a 50% reduction with their DIF.   The adoption of the study has been taken off calendar several times by the Board and finally moved to November 25, 2014, where it was passed and ultimately adopted.  The BIA successfully worked to lower the final amount of the fee in general and in most cases below the full amount of the previous fee in place.  We stood fundamentally against a jails component that was not removed but significantly lowered from what was originally proposed.  The adopted fee also included a generous phase in as proposed by BIA Riverside and we count this as a victory.

Good News in Hemet! 

This should provide some relief to those of you that have projects in the City of Hemet.  At the Hemet City Council meeting of February 10th, the City proposed and adopted an ordinance that will grant an automatic Extension of Time on entitlement approvals (Conditional Use Permits and Site Development Reviews) that are due to expire in 2015. The automatic extension is for an additional 2 years. The projects will include both residential and commercial developments. This will be of great benefit to owners and developers in effort to help them as they continue to respond to the slow market conditions.



Riverside Unified School District SFNA March 2nd 

Val Verde Unified School District SFNA March 3, 2015 

Hemet Unified School District SFNA April